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Grant Application

This application (available below in PDF format) is required for your organization to be considered for Kline Foundation grants. Please attach any additional information to these pages. Should any of the information below change, please notify the Kline Foundation office at (717) 561-4373.

All grant requests must be in writing, using the “Grant Application” available below and must include all of the requested attachments and supporting documentation, as listed on the application. The grant application is set up for you to auto-fill on your computer. Once you have completed the application, either print it to be mailed or delivered, or save it to your computer to be emailed (PDF). (See FAQ #13 for instructions to email a grant application packet).

NOTE: When providing detailed information for any section on page 2 of the grant application, simply enter “SEE ATTACHED” in the applicable section(s), in lieu of typing the information on the application.

Download the Application »