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Bethesda Mission

Bethesda Mission’s Youth Center

Bethesda Mission’s Youth Center has been operating since 1990 out of a converted fire station, mentoring 50-75 children, ages 7-17, annually within the Herr Street community of northern Allison Hill, Harrisburg. The impact of this ministry has given children and teens stability and a hopeful foundation, while simultaneously reaching into the lives of parents, guardians, and neighbors by truly creating a Community Center.

Bethesda MissionBethesda Mission partners with nearly 30 different local organizations, churches and schools to maximize the positive impact that can be made on each family. Our foundation in Jesus Christ fuels our desire to connect every struggling family in Harrisburg with strong mentors, needed resources and unifying programs.

When presented with the possibility of both renovating and expanding this existing facility, we jumped at the chance. This is a wonderful opportunity for Bethesda Mission, to be in a position to greatly improve and expand upon the impact we are already having in the community.  Should Bethesda be successful in completing this project, the number of children, parents and guardians impacted is expected to greatly expand from 75 to 150-200 within 3 years!

The Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline Foundation has graciously awarded Bethesda Mission $75,000 to further this project. We are excited to partner with the Kline Foundation and others to expand the impact of Bethesda Mission’s new Community Center in the years to come.

Bethesda MissionThe vision of Bethesda Mission is to improve the quality of life in Central Pennsylvania through the power and love of Jesus Christ. Through strategic partnerships and comprehensive, state of the art programs and services, we seek to be God’s hand extended to those in great need.

One important way that we show compassion and offer tangible help to others is through our growing Medical/Dental Clinics. Through the kindness of donors and foundations such as the Kline Foundation, we are in the process of constructing a two-story addition to our existing Men’s Shelter, which will house the clinics.

Presently the Medical Clinic is housed in rented modular units necessitated during renovation of the Men’s Shelter; the Dental Clinic utilizes dormitory space on the 2nd floor of the Men’s Shelter. The new Clinics are being constructed on the south side of the Men’s Shelter. This new space will greatly improve both the physical environment as well as the overall functioning of the medical and dental services. We are excited to expand our ability to offer state-of-the-art care to our guests and serve the community in more welcoming facility.


In 1990, the Medical Clinic began offering Mission guests and the poor in the community critical and timely medical attention provided by volunteer medical professionals. These include physicians in residency at the Hershey Medical Center, who of their own initiative, have been offering free services weekly to Bethesda residents.

Part-time nurses care for immediate needs and do intakes for every guest upon arrival.

Dental Clinic – Our dream of establishing a Dental Clinic onsite became a reality in October 2011 when Dr. David Russell from Millersburg Pennsylvania, offered to manage a Dental Clinic, completing consultations and services, along with recruiting additional dentists who volunteer their services at our clinic or in their offices and part-time dental assistants.

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