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The Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp

The Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp - Campers Having Fun

The Kline Foundation provides the Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp (HDYC) with the opportunity to provide transformational camp experiences for children with Type 1 Diabetes. “There was something really life changing, at the age of ten, to be surrounded not only by diabetic peers, but diabetic leaders. Healthy, pretty, funny, unendingly kind diabetic young people enrolled in college, studying for careers, in relationships, and leading a cabin full of children. I could touch my own future.” Liz, a former camper, now counselor, had a monumental experience at HDYC. Through the help of the Kline Foundation, she has a positive impact on young people with Type 1 Diabetes.

The Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp

The Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp (HDYC) was founded in 1977 by an all-volunteer group to give children living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) a fun week in the summer.  Today, the HDYC remains a special place where campers come to have fun, like they would at any summer camp; the only difference is all campers have T1D.

A camper expressed to the Camp Director he loved camp because at camp he was Johnny, the great baseball player.  At his school, he was Johnny, the kid with diabetes.  T1D affects 1 in 300; therefore, youth are usually the only one in the school with T1D.  And, T1D can be stressful.  Every time a person with T1D eats, they must check their blood sugar level and take some insulin.

At camp, everyone has T1D and it becomes the norm, not the difference.

In addition, an unspoken benefit of camp is the independence campers gain while attending camp.  They learn new diabetes management techniques and improve their management skills.  Parents report their campers come home with improved diabetes management skills and more independence.

The HDYC would like to thank the Josiah and Bessie Kline Foundation for their continued support of this vital program serving South Central Pennsylvania youth with T1D!

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